Workplace Mental Health Statistics for May Is Mental Health Awareness Month #16

May 23rd — Statistic #16

From Lyra’s 2022 State of Workforce Mental Health Survey Report:

The Great Perception Gap Continues

The survey question was:

  • Do you think your benefits effectively address employees’ mental health needs?

The survey results were:

  • Benefits Leaders: Yes — 76% Somewhat — 14%
  • Employees: Yes — 44% Somewhat — 27%

My Thoughts and Comments:

No surprise here. The perception gap between employers and employees is well-recognized. Far too often employers think one thing, while employees think something different. We see this discrepancy widely when it comes to all kinds of issues, problems and challenges within the workplace.

The solution is simple. Employers need to regularly ask their employees what they want and to regularly take the pulse of employees as to whether they think the employer is meeting their current needs.

Here is the link to Friday’s statistic #15:



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William McPeck

William McPeck


Bill McPeck has been involved as a leader and practitioner in employee health, safety, wellness and wellbeing for close to 30 years.